Buying clothes by the kilogram

Stock Your Store With High Quality Branded Used Apparel Per Kilo

Are you looking for affordable fashion garments? Do you want to make a sustainable gesture? Buying used designer clothing by the kilogram is the solution for you! This is a convenient and sustainable way to buy high-quality garments at affordable prices.


Each garment is carefully selected and undergoes rigorous quality control.

Where to buy used clothes in bulk?

Used clothing stock: the source of quality products for your store

You know what’s better than a new piece of clothing? A used clothing item in excellent condition, at a bargain price! Shiftcloth is Europe’s leading stockist of used designer clothes. The company imports more than 10 tons per week of American garments. All material is checked, piece by piece, by highly skilled workers. In addition, in the various stages of production with the new, fully automatic and computerized machinery, perfect weighing of the bale is achieved The company controls the entire process to ensure the highest quality and professionalism at all times.


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The Eclecticism and Refinement of Used Clothing: A Wide Range of High Quality Products at Irresistible Prices

SHIFTCLOTH - where fashion and business meet

Welcome to the world of SHIFTCLOTH, where quality and accessibility come together to provide an unparalleled shopping experience. Our collection embraces eclecticism and sophistication, presenting a wide range of high-quality products at irresistible prices. Each piece of remanufactured clothing is carefully curated, carefully selected, and expertly repaired to ensure the highest quality and durability. We don’t stop there: by offering the purchase of products by the pound, we give our customers access to a wide selection of used clothing sold by the pound at affordable prices. It is an ideal choice for those seeking substantial quantities of clothing without compromising quality. Our passion for excellence is reflected in our collection of used American clothing, which embraces unique and fashionable styles. In addition, our used military clothing department offers a rugged and original aesthetic for those who want to stand out with a bold look.

SHIFTCLOTH is the ultimate destination for retailers looking to elevate their offerings.

Remanufactured clothing

Our meticulous remanufacturing process transforms used garments into modern works of art, celebrating sustainability and innovation in the apparel industry.

Used American Clothing

Explore the authenticity and quality of vintage American clothing that carries timeless style while offering an excellent combination of quality and design.

Used Military Clothing

Discover the ruggedness of military clothing that offers excellent quality built to withstand daily challenges with a distinctive touch.

Used designer clothing by the kilogram

Be won over by our wide selection of used designer clothing, available by the pound. Each kg offers a unique assortment of prestigious brands and styles.


Our Precision: Selected Products to Ensure the Highest Quality

All products stored in our facility are carefully selected to ensure the highest quality and convenience. Our experts evaluate each piece of clothing based on the degree of wear, type, intended use, and seasonality. This meticulous selection allows us to offer our customers a wide range of products, all in excellent condition. Thanks to our careful selection, you can find the perfect used clothing for your needs at unbeatable prices.


Used cream: garments in perfect condition, like new

Grade A

First choice: garments in very good condition, with minor signs of wear.

Grade B

Second choice: garments in good condition with more obvious signs of wear.

Grade C

Third choice: garments with significant signs of wear, but still wearable.


Our business reality in numbers

SHIFTCLOTH - The history of used clothing

We are a company with more than 30 years of history in used designer clothing to the kilo and remanufactured, focused on authenticity and sustainability. With two operating locations, one in Prato and the other in Giugliano in Campania and a network of more than 35 partners, we are committed to creating unique garments that reflect our passion for authentic, environmentally friendly fashion. Our mission goes beyond fashion: we want to transform the concept of clothing, celebrating the history of each piece and promoting timeless style with positive impact.


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