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We are the largest wholesaler of used clothing in Europe

Welcome to SHIFT CLOTH, a landmark in wholesale used clothing with a clear mission: to reduce waste and environmental impact in the fashion world.




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SHIFT CLOTH: quality used clothing with a sustainable heart

Our history has deep roots in the awareness of excessive waste of resources in the garment industry. Every year, millions of tons of still-usable clothing end up in landfills or are incinerated. What to some is considered a rejection, to us represents an opportunity. In fact, we specialize in wholesale of used designer clothing to the kg with two operating locations in Italy: one in Prato and in the province of Naples.


The Future Of Used Clothing

Our wholesale of used designer goods is different! We have over 30 years of experience in this field.


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We import mainly from America. About 10 tons a week pass through our plant in order to keep up with our customers’ demand.



Our bags contain 100% grade A garments unless otherwise stated. However, it is possible to find some grade B items due to human inspection error.

Wholesale Used Signature: Careful Selection of Suppliers and High Standards

Our Commitment to Quality

Our history is rooted in a commitment to quality. For more than three decades, our mission has been to offer excellent products to our customers. The essence of our commitment is reflected in the care with which we select suppliers. Through a meticulous selection process, we ensure that only the best join our partner network. Our efforts do not stop there: every month, our team personally visits the United States and various European locations to personally select goods. This practice, which has been established for more than three decades, allows us to assure our customers that each product meets the highest quality standards.


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Our secret is the careful selection of garments

Wholesale used clothing cream but not only: the highest quality guaranteed by industry experts

Our promise is clear: we want to offer you only the highest quality used clothing. We want every purchase to be synonymous with satisfaction, and this goal guides our every action. We are here to provide you with shopping experiences that exceed your expectations and result in trust and satisfaction. We have a wide range of products available, all in excellent condition and at prices you can’t find anywhere else. Years of experience and careful selection of suppliers make this possible. From cream used clothing to other grade garments, our products are all meticulously selected.

Remanufactured clothing

Remanufactured clothing

Used military clothing

Remanufactured clothing


We are bringing about a revolutionary change in textile industry products!

We export over 1mln pieces of used designer clothing each year, contributing massively to the reduction of environmental impact.


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